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The fifth edition of EAST DOC PLATFORM – the biggest documentary event in the region – is drawing near


On March 7 to 13, the Institute of Documentary Film presents the fifth edition of East Doc Platform in Prague. The motto of this year’s edition is Sight Specific, expressing the variety of perspectives and approaches to documentary themes as well as one of the focuses of this year’s programme; site specific screenings and discussions as an alternative form of film distribution and support of dialogue between filmmakers and audiences. You can watch the trailer of this year’s EDP here.

This year’s KineDok has festival hits in store

Last year, IDF launched the pilot edition of KineDok, a unique project offering screenings of creative documentaries at unusual venues in five countries. This year, KineDok will introduce 15 more creative documentaries including festival hits and organize site specific screenings for viewers in Poland and Norway as well. This year’s KineDok will be held not only at various alternative venues but also at East Doc Platform. The Cervantes Institute will host a two-day KineDok Conference focusing on innovative ways of distribution. The conference events will include a gala screening of the Polish documentary 6 degrees held on March 10 at 8:30 pm at Vinohradský pivovar. The film is inspired by the theory of social psychologist Stanley Milgram Six degrees of separation assuming that everyone is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. The filmmakers try to prove the theory in the form of a road movie following the relationship network of punk-rocker Martyna from Warsaw and Mexican farmer Antonio. The screening with English subtitles is open to the public.

The latest forms of the documentary genre

The visitors of this year’s East Doc Platform will be able to meet the most interesting transmedia projects selected for the Doc Tank section. Their makers have boldly coped with themes such as urbanism and documented the effort to improve the public space. The projects will also include a cinematic investigation with a social overlap dealing with the alcoholism of the head of state. The open programme will further offer a whole range of interesting lectures. One of them will deal with the most effective social campaigns and will introduce two experienced experts. Swedish director Fredrik Gertten, maker of Bananas! about the fight with the multinational company Dole, will present his latest documentary Bikes vs Cars, the movement We are many uniting lovers of cycling from around the world and the mobile application Bike Data Project. Acclaimed British producer Sarah Mosses, who has succeeded in motivating seniors to participate in amateur table tennis tournaments in connection with the documentary Ping Pong, will present the campaign for the film They Will Have to Kill Us First about persecuted musicians from Mali who you can support by buying their music.

Rich menu for documentary connoisseurs

Fans of the documentary genre should not miss the presentations of a whole range of renowned global experts at this year’s East Doc Platform. British producer and Academy Award nominee Mike Lerner will take his audiences behind the scenes of The Russian Woodpecker which won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance and will be screened at One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival. One World 2016 will also screen The Swedish Theory of Love whose director and respected filmmaker Erik Gandini, renowned primarily for his acclaimed film Videocracy about the moral decline in Italy under Silvio Berlusconi, will present the essentials of his approach to art and film directing. Another interesting experience is granted by the master class of New Zealand-born editor based in Los Angeles Maya Hawke who has collaborated on eight films by Werner Herzog and on films by Errol Morris among others. EDP will further include the Czech Docs… Coming Soon presentation with a potential of international distribution. The upcoming documentaries will be presented by their makers including Czech director Lukáš Kokeš who has tried to enter the world of today’s teenagers on the geographic and social periphery in the middle of Europe in his film Nothing Like Before.

The open programme of EDP is held in English and is open to the general public. Most of the events will be held at Cervantes Institute (Na Rybníčku 6, Prague 2). More at www.DOKweb.net.

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David Čálek‘s successful documentary Climbing Higher about Czech climber Radek Jaroš, which won at the BANFF festival, is available for FREE streaming in the online documentary cinema DAFilms.com from December 8 to 11.

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Winter Portion of Czech Documentary Films

Winter Portion of Czech Documentary Films

For 3.99 euro, you can get a selection of documentaries that entered Czech cinematic distribution in 2016 as well as access to another 1500 films from around the world. Dear friends, please, do not forget that you can give an ideal present not only to your intellectual friends but also to yourselves.

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Unique films at FAMUFEST

Unique films at FAMUFEST

The 33rd edition of FAMUFEST, a competition display of films made by students of Prague’s FAMU, will be held on November 23 to 27 at Prague’s Letná District. Like in the past year, it will take place at Bio Oko, plus at the new venues of Studio Hrdinů and Café Jedna.

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